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At Solana University, we believe that every voice matters as we build the decentralized future. Join us today, and let's shape it together.

Together, we can shape the decentralized future

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Introducing the people who make Solana University possible. We're a global group of students with unique skills and insights.

Hey 👋 My name is Nathan and I lead SolanaU's web development. I'm passionate about music and UI/UX. Feel free to reach out to me via X. (Link below!)


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Don't waste time learning how to navigate the Solana ecosystem. Solana Univeristy has prepared a curated, always-updated list of events and educational materials to take you from zero to one.


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We Empower Students Worldwide

Solana University is committed to students across the globe, from all different backgrounds. No matter your skill set or interests, we're here to support your Web3 journey.

    • Solana Univeristy the chance to attend major events such as Breakpoint and Hacker Houses, enabling me to network with influential industry leaders and connect with fellow students.

    • Solana University and I discovered each other. The initiative has taken me all over the world and meet fellow students.

    • Solana University opened up a world of opportunities to me and I credit everything I’ve achieved in my crypto career to it.

    • Solana University helped me attend Breakpoint 2022 where I networked with awesome founders and met my future employer!

    • Solana University changed my life by allowing me to discover a new world of possibilities and making me believe in my own potential.

    • Solana University gave me access to a variety of industry connections, and an opportunity to truly make a difference.


Frequently asked questions

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    • What is Solana University?

      Solana University is an international student organization dedicated to helping others advance their Solana and Web3 education.

    • Does Solana University give investment advice?

      No, we are not financial advisors. We do not solicit or encourage investment in any financial or crypto products.

    • How can I join Solana University?

      You can start by joining our Discord channel and getting connected to our team.

    • How can I get involved with Solana University?

      We are passionate about encouraging our members to become doers. Join our Discord and ask how you can help the cause!

    • Does Solana University only support people who are interested in Solana?

      No. Solana University is a home for all crypto-curious students, whether they are familiar with Solana or not.

    • Does Solana University have leadership positions I can apply to?

      Yes! Feel free to join our Telegram channel and express your interest.